Secret Service Launches Investigation into John Schneider for Controversial Remarks Against President Biden

The recent comments made by former ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star John Schneider about President Joe Biden has attracted the attention of the Secret Service. Schneider posted controversial remarks on social media platform X, suggesting that Biden is “guilty of treason” and “should be publicly hung,” along with targeting Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

In response to Schneider’s comments, President Biden posted on X criticizing former President Trump. “Trump poses many threats to our country: The right to choose, civil rights, voting rights, and America’s standing in the world. But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy. If we lose that, we lose everything,” Biden wrote.

After Biden’s post, numerous responses poured in, including accusations that Biden himself poses a threat to the country. Some even went as far as calling him a fascist and a dictator. While these responses caused a stir, it was Schneider’s comments that specifically attracted the Secret Service’s interest.

Schneider, best known for portraying Bo Duke in the popular TV show, insists that he did not threaten President Biden, despite his controversial remarks. However, the Secret Service is taking the situation seriously due to their duty to protect the safety of the President and other officials.

After Schneider’s controversial post, Deadline reported that the Secret Service has initiated a preliminary probe into the matter while Schneider defended himself, denying that he made any violent threats against the President. He underscored the need for transparency and accountability among the nation’s leaders, stating that his intention was not to threaten Biden.

Despite his denial, the Secret Service confirmed that they are treating the comments as a potential threat, and sources close to the investigation revealed that the probe is in its early stages. Under the law, making a threat against the President is classified as a federal Class D felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Some have come to Schneider’s defense, claiming that his comments pale in comparison to threats made against former President Trump. Social media strategist Joey Mannarino highlighted that numerous threatening remarks were made against Trump during his presidency, with minimal consequences.

The controversy has sparked conversations about the appropriate response to such remarks, especially in the context of political discourse and freedom of speech. As the investigation unfolds, many are closely watching the outcome and the precedent it could set for future cases.

The disputed comments have reignited the debate about the use of strong language and the line between free speech and violent threats in the context of political discussions. As the situation develops, it raises significant questions about the legal and social implications of such statements in today’s charged political climate.


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