Senator Ted Cruz Accuses Hunter Biden of Not Providing Any Services and Questions Payments to Him (Video)

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Senator Ted Cruz discusses the Biden Crime Family

Senator Ted Cruz joined Rob Finnerty on Newsmax Thursday morning and didn’t hold back while discussing Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family.

Senator Ted Cruz: He has lied at every stage. Every stage. His defense has been proven to be a lie. He said at the very outset on the campaign, he said he had never discussed overseas business with his son.

That was a lie. We now know there were dozens of such conversations.

He said he had never met with his son’s overseas business partner.

That was a lie. We now have multiple pictures, multiple meetings, dinners in Washington DC, phone calls with those business associates. The Democrats said there is no direct evidence of money going to Joe Biden.

That was a lie. We now have multiple checks of money going to Joe Biden from entities that had received millions of dollars from Communist China. And what I was questioning Chris Ray about yesterday, we have a text from Hunter Biden to a senior Chinese Communist demanding millions of dollars and saying, ‘I’m sitting here next to my father and if you do not pay me this money, my father will retaliate,’ explicitly threatening a bribe, threatening retaliation.

And we have two IRS whistleblowers who have said that. When the investigation asked the natural question, well, was Hunter telling the truth? Was he in fact sitting next to Joe while he was trying to extort that bribe that the Biden DOJ blocked the investigation said, no, you cannot subpoena the GPS data. We don’t want to know.

It is a cover-up. And it’s a cover up directed by the most partisan Department of Justice we’ve ever seen.

Newsmax Host Rob Finnerty: Okay, have you figured out an explanation yet for why a Chinese communist would suddenly give Hunter Biden millions of dollars for zero services rendered? Or do you think those services might have been access to the big guy, his dad, Joe Biden?

Senator Cruz: Yeah. Look, there is only one conceivable service that Hunter Biden provided, and that was….t wasn’t just access….he’s not a lobbyist. This is favors. He was selling favors from Daddy.

Look, Hunter Biden has no discernible skills, very few people, in fact, nobody, pays millions of dollars to a crackhead because Hunter Biden doesn’t provide any services. All he is is a conduit. He’s the frontman for selling favors from Daddy.

You look at Quid pro quo, the essence of bribery, and remember, bribery is one of the grounds explicitly stated in the Constitution for impeachment. Quid pro quo is Latin for this, for that.

We know that Joe Biden performed the that and in particular, that he went to Ukraine and he demanded the firing of the prosecutor that was investigating the corrupt oligarch paying millions of dollars to his son Hunter. And he held a billion dollars of U. S. funds ransom until Ukraine in fact, fired that prosecutor. So we know the quo occurred.

The investigation is to determine the quid of specifically how much money Joe Biden was paid to do that.


On Wednesday, Joe Biden snapped at a NY Post reporter who asked him about his involvement with Hunter’s foreign business associates.  “I’m not going to comment on that. I did not. And it’s just a bunch of lies.”

And on Monday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer released subpoenaed bank records revealing Joe Biden received direct monthly payments from Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC.

Hunter is currently under federal investigation for using Owasco PC for tax evasion and other crimes.

Hunter’s investment vehicle Owasco made DIRECT payments (screenshots below) to Joe Biden, according to newly obtained bank records.

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