Shaun White Shares His Winter Fashion Must-Haves and Explains How Nina Dobrev Inspires His Style Confidence

Snowboarding legend Shaun White is getting ready for the holiday season in style. The former professional snowboarder recently shared his winter must-haves with ET, while celebrating the opening of the REVOLVE and FWRD Pop-Up in Aspen, Colorado on Dec. 14.

At the event, White’s brand, WHITESPACE, was available for shoppers to explore. Speaking about the collaboration with REVOLVE, White said, “Revolve is an amazing fashion forward platform and a perfect place to feature our growing brand. We are always trying to find exciting ways to activate and partnering with them and The Snow Lodge is just that.”

Among the cold-weather essentials showcased at the Pop-Up were WHITESPACE’s gear and practical yet stylish ensembles. White highlighted the SWPro snowboard as one of his favorites, stating, “I’ve been trying to design the perfect snowboard for years. I feel like I nailed it with this year’s model.”

The snowboarding icon also emphasized the importance of having a good pair of boots for the mountains. His go-to choice? Common Projects. White explained, “I can wear them in the city, but they also keep my feet dry in the mountains.”

Thanks to his girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, White has become more adventurous with his fashion choices. “She does push me to be more bold and take chances with my fashion choices,” White mentioned. The influence of Dobrev has led to a style transformation for White, who described his current style as “clean, polished, and minimal.”

Interestingly, not only has Dobrev impacted White’s wardrobe choices, but she was also a key factor in expanding WHITESPACE’s offerings to include a women’s line. White admitted, “She was a big reason for adding women’s to this year’s WHITESPACE offering.”

White’s evolving style and expanded line are evidence that the snowboarding champion is not only excelling in sports but is also making waves in the fashion industry. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday season, White’s winter essentials are sure to bring comfort and style to snow enthusiasts everywhere.

In conclusion, the snowboarding legend’s collaboration with REVOLVE and FWRD has not only provided a platform for his growing brand but has also allowed him to showcase his passion for fashion. With Dobrev’s influence and support, WHITESPACE is set to offer a wider range of options, ensuring both men and women can find top-of-the-line winter essentials for their next snowy adventure.


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