Shohei Ohtani’s latest news steals the spotlight at José Berríos’ charity event

Los Angeles Dodgers’ new player Shohei Ohtani’s much-discussed move has been the biggest talking point at Toronto Blue Jays pitcher José Berríos’ recent charity event. Berríos had been eagerly awaiting the outcome of Ohtani’s signing which became official during his La Gente de Barrio Home Run Derby and Celebrity Softball Game at Estadio Roberto Clemente Walker in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Ohtani announced his move to the Dodgers just as Berríos was about to start his charity game.

Ohtani’s lucrative deal with Los Angeles is reportedly valued at a staggering $700 million over 10 years, setting a new record in the world of professional sports. Berríos, who himself signed a $131 million contract extension with Toronto a couple of years ago, sees Ohtani’s contract as a groundbreaking moment in the sports industry.

When asked for a reaction, Berríos described Ohtani’s deal as “tasty”, expressing how Ohtani is opening new doors and setting new standards for players. He further added that while it’s unlikely that other players will surpass the $700 million mark, they may come close as a result of Ohtani’s trailblazing deal.

Mets closer Edwin Díaz, another MLB star who participated in Berríos’ charity event, commended Ohtani, stating that if any player deserves such a lucrative contract, it is Ohtani, due to his outstanding performance both as a pitcher and a hitter. As a three-time All-Star and the first player to unanimously win the MVP award twice in baseball history, Ohtani has set a new benchmark for aspiring young players as well.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., whose foundation collaborated with Berríos’ La Makina Foundation for the charity event, took a more diplomatic approach when asked about Ohtani’s move. Guerrero mentioned that contract negotiations were not his concern and that his focus was solely on his own preparations for the upcoming baseball season.

The charity event in Puerto Rico, which was arranged to raise funds for various causes, brought together numerous baseball stars who were all buzzing about Ohtani’s historic move to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The unprecedented contract is expected to have a significant impact on the sports industry and the future earning potential of professional baseball players. With Ohtani setting new standards, all eyes are now on the rising generation of baseball talent to see if they can one day reach such monumental figures.


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