Sources claim hired gun Jack Smith has “sprawling” evidence against Trump

Special Counsel Jack Smith has reportedly amassed an extensive amount of evidence against former President Donald Trump. According to sources cited by CBS News reporter Robert Costa, Smith’s evidence includes phone records, memos, diary entries, and key witness testimony, such as that of former Vice President Mike Pence. Smith’s investigation has also utilized subpoena power to gather in-depth witness testimony, which sets it apart from the January 6th Committee’s efforts.

CBS reporter Jan Crawford weighed in on the situation, predicting that the US Supreme Court would rule against Trump’s immunity argument. She expressed confidence that the court would not rule in favor of Trump’s immunity from criminal prosecution, and suggested that the decision could be unanimous.

Last week, the US Supreme Court denied Jack Smith’s request for a ruling on Trump’s immunity argument. Smith had previously appealed to the court to weigh in on Trump’s immunity claims in a criminal trial related to events on January 6.

In response to this denial, Trump urged the US Supreme Court to reject Smith’s request to expedite the ruling on his immunity argument. Trump’s lawyers have argued that he is immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while he served as US President, emphasizing the complexity and historical significance of the issue.

Smith bypassed the appellate court and made a direct plea to the US Supreme Court on Trump’s immunity claims. However, he will now have to wait for the US Circuit Court of Appeals for DC to make a decision, with oral arguments scheduled to begin on January 9, 2024. It remains to be seen whether the US Supreme Court will consider the appeal after the appellate court’s ruling.

On Saturday, President Trump filed his opening brief at the appeals court in support of his claim for presidential immunity from prosecution. The case will be decided by a three-judge panel on the DC Circuit Court, consisting of judges appointed by both Republican and Democratic presidents.

The legal battle surrounding Trump’s immunity from prosecution continues to unfold, raising significant questions about the limits of presidential immunity and the potential implications for future cases. As the appellate court prepares to deliberate on the matter, the outcome of Jack Smith’s investigation and the legal challenges facing Trump remain subjects of keen public interest and speculation.


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