Spirit Airlines Issues Apology for Putting Unaccompanied 6-Year-Old on Wrong Flight

The recent mishandling of a 6-year-old child by Spirit Airlines has resulted in a grandmother demanding answers from the airline after her grandson was put on the wrong flight by the carrier’s staff. Maria Ramos, the grandmother, expressed her fear and concern when her grandson, Casper, failed to disembark from his flight from Philadelphia.

“They told me, ‘No, he’s not on this flight. He missed his flight.’ I said, ‘No, he could not miss his flight because I have the check-in tag,'” Ms. Ramos told WINK News in Southwest Florida.

After the passengers had already disembarked at Southwest Florida International Airport, Casper was still missing. Ms. Ramos stated that she “ran inside the plane to the flight attendant, and I asked her, ‘Where’s my grandson? He was handed over to you at Philadelphia?’ She said, ‘No, I had no kids with me.”

Casper later called his grandmother to let her know that he had been put on a flight to Orlando, which was a four-hour drive away from his intended destination. Ms. Ramos was understandably upset, especially after discovering that Casper had landed in Orlando alone. She feared for his safety and security, expressing her concern that someone could have taken advantage of the situation if he had been left unattended.

The airline has issued an apology for the incident and offered to cover the fuel costs for Ms. Ramos to drive to Orlando to pick up Casper. However, Ms. Ramos is demanding a more detailed explanation of how the mishap occurred. Spirit Airlines stated that the child was always under the care and supervision of a Spirit team member, and as soon as the error was discovered, immediate steps were taken to communicate with the family and reconnect them.

The airline also assured that they take the safety and responsibility of transporting all of their guests seriously. An internal investigation is being conducted, and the airline expressed its apologies to the family for the distressing experience. However, the airline did not provide further details on how the mistake happened.

Ms. Ramos is still seeking answers and is eager to learn how her grandson ended up in Orlando. She is questioning the airline on the details of the flight attendant’s actions and is running through various scenarios to understand how the error occurred.

The Epoch Times reached out to Spirit Airlines for further comment on the situation. The incident has highlighted the need for improved procedures and communication to ensure the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors traveling with airlines.

The mishap has understandably left Casper traumatized, as he has expressed that he never wants to travel alone again. The incident has raised concerns about the policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of unaccompanied minors traveling on airlines.


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