“State of Denial: Arizona” Premieres Tonight Featuring Special Guests – Watch for Free at 10 PM ET

Speropictures in collaboration with Matt Thayer is all set to launch the first film in their documentary series called ‘State of Denial,’ which aims to expose election fraud across the United States. The movie is scheduled to premiere tonight in Arizona, and eminent personalities including Kari Lake are expected to attend this special invite-only event near Phoenix.

This crusade against election fraud is a continuation of Speropictures and Matt Thayer’s previous works such as ‘The Trump I Know,’ ‘RE:AWAKENING,’ and ‘[S]election Code.’ The ‘State of Denial: Arizona’ film vividly portrays a dystopian Arizona plagued by flagrant election malpractices. The Gateway Pundit’s detailed coverage of this release and the captivating trailer accurately underscores the distressing prevalence of fraudulent elections in Arizona.

The controversial 2022 midterm election in Arizona saw a series of anomalies and discrepancies, including intentional machine failures at 60% of Maricopa County polling locations, misread votes, illegal mail-in ballots without proper chain of custody or signature verification, tarnishing the authenticity of the electoral outcome.

‘State of Denial: Arizona’ is the first installment in a series of films targeting electoral fraud across America. Filmmaker Matt Thayer has made it possible for concerned citizens to contribute to this documentary series through donations.

The upcoming movie will feature interviews with Kari Lake attorneys, We The People AZ Alliance investigators, Lake expert witnesses, election integrity investigator Rochelle Cabirac, and recordings from The Gateway Pundit and Real America’s Voice correspondents confronting Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett regarding his questionable conduct during Kari Lake’s election fraud trial.

Cyber Security expert and former Electronic Voting System Security Tester, Clay Parikh will also provide his insights into the evidence surrounding the November 2022 election in Maricopa County. This film’s exclusive interviews promise to unravel the corruption deeply ingrained in Maricopa County’s electoral system.

The world premiere of the ‘State of Denial: Arizona’ film can be watched on X, Rumble, and state-of-denial.com. The Gateway Pundit will continue to update this story with the embedded film upon its release.


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