Subaru Reveals New Innovation Center to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Subaru Corp. has just revealed its cutting-edge development center at its Gunma plant in Ota, Gunma Prefecture. The facility is set to begin operations next month and is designed to fast-track the development of electric vehicles. It also includes a dedicated space for co-manufacturing with auto parts makers.

Costing a whopping ¥30 billion, the seven-story facility spans 48,000 square meters of floor space, doubling the size of Subaru’s headquarters. The carmaker hopes that this new facility will help slash the development time of electric vehicles to half that of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

One of the most impressive features of the facility is the 12-meter-wide high-definition display on the seventh floor. This display will showcase computer graphics of cars in development, simulating their movements and how light reflects on their bodies. It aims to revolutionize the design and development processes at Subaru.

Hiroshi Watahiki, managing executive officer at Subaru, emphasized the need for a more integrated approach to developing electric vehicles. He explained that the old method of passing the baton from one department to another simply would not work for the development of electric vehicles. The company is focused on collaborating with its suppliers to create a more seamless and efficient development process.

The new facility’s primary goal is to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. However, Subaru also aims to make significant strides in co-manufacturing with auto parts makers. This marks a shift in the company’s strategy, as it looks to build stronger partnerships in the development of innovative new vehicles.

The high-definition display on the seventh floor represents a groundbreaking approach to visualizing the design and development process. In the past, Subaru developed gasoline-powered vehicles through a linear and fragmented approach, but this new facility signals a shift towards an integrated development process for electric vehicles.

The company has invested heavily in this new development base, signaling its strong commitment to innovation in the electric vehicle sector. With the global push towards more sustainable transportation options, Subaru is positioning itself to be a leader in the development of cutting-edge electric vehicles.

Overall, the unveiling of Subaru’s new development base is a significant milestone for the company. It represents a bold step towards a more integrated and efficient approach to developing electric vehicles. This facility has the potential to revolutionize the way Subaru and its partners collaborate to create the next generation of vehicles.


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