Support the Children of J6 Political Prisoners This Christmas Through a Simple Act of Kindness

The Patriot Mail Project is currently holding its annual J6 Christmas Drive to support the children of political hostages who have been left behind after the events of January 6. It is important to remember that these children are also victims of that day and are often neglected. Many of them were present when their parents were taken away, and have been subject to bullying and mocking in school due to biased reports circulated by mainstream media. The majority of individuals charged in relation to these events are fathers who are veterans, and these families are now facing the financial burdens of exorbitant legal expenses. On top of this, these families are also dealing with the uncertainty of when their loved ones will return home. The situation is further aggravated by the FBI’s continued targeting of innocent Americans and the refusal of employers to hire family members who have been pinpointed by the authorities.

To address this situation, the Patriot Mail Project has stepped in to provide support to these families. Last year, they managed to raise over $50,000 to purchase Christmas gifts for over 70 children of those affected by the January 6 events. This year, the organization has already raised $20,293 in donations, allowing them to send gift cards to each child. What’s more, they’re also encouraging people to send Christmas cards to these children as a form of emotional support. According to Paula Calloway, the founder of the Patriot Mail Project, receiving letters from strangers across the country would bring a sense of reassurance to these children and help counteract the negative narratives they may be encountering about their parents.

In addition to the Christmas Drive, the Patriot Mail Project is also hosting the 12 Days of Christmas Benefit Auction. This auction will feature unique items and gifts for people to bid on, with all proceeds going towards supporting the children affected by the events of January 6. Notably, the auction includes an item made by Adam Johnson, a J6er known as the “Lectern Guy,” reflecting the diverse range of items available.

The Patriot Mail Project website maintains a vital database of information related to the political hostages, including their birthdates, home states, and veteran statuses, allowing people to reach out to them and offer words of encouragement. This initiative is essential in light of recent Bureau of Justice Statistics reports which revealed that suicides are a common occurrence amongst individuals detained in jail.

So, the efforts of the Patriot Mail Project are not only addressing the financial burdens facing these families, but they are also providing much-needed emotional support for the children involved. By demonstrating solidarity and care for these families, the organization stands as a beacon of hope during these challenging times.


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