Tammy Slaton Responds to Critic with a Message: I’m Fully Aware of My Appearance!

A popular member of “1000-Lb Sisters,” Tammy Slaton is feeling down and out. She’s working hard to lose weight, but internet trolls are taking its toll on her.

The vicious comments left on her social media by rude strangers are breaking her spirit. In a recent TikTok, a troll ask Slaton why she’s overweight and “breathes like that.” In response, she said that her “gobbler” would be removed when her doctors approved it and admitted that she wasn’t ready to have it removed yet.

But Slaton also tells fans that her weight loss journey has been a struggle, “You people make me feel so insecure sometimes. I can’t help it. “Do I still think I’m ugly? Yes.”
In another TikTok post, Tammy admitted that she felt the need to respond to this hater because the comment “touched the depression part of myself.”
“Do I still think I’m ugly? Yes. Am I getting pretty? Yes.

The poor celeb-centered her focus on her hardships on what would have been sustaining her progress and maintaining strong mental health. How do you move on and suffering a very big downfall regarding personal life, and her ongoing weight loss journey.

Tammy weighed more than 700 pounds when Season 4 started and she is now down to less than 400, that’s a considerable improvement that can’t be easily overlooked and goes beyond any form of support. Kudos for her!
She’d a wild round of applause for fraternizing her life to meet the same daily schedules much like everyone else.

All of the progress she’s made with regard to her weight loss and her choice of life is remarkable.

as she finding herself without the need to live in the backseat of a car making it kind of exit off the passenger seat, is just as worthy of praise as her new look is. She absolutely dominates when it comes to losing weight—she’s constantly praised on social media for this but internet trolls keep making her life difficult, and this surely confirms Tammy as a really strong person.

Slaton, who recently clocked in at under 400 pounds, stated that she is currently at a plateau in her weight loss. And if she deserve praise, Slaton could officially touts on her biggest life win.

It’s worth noting that, there’s no downtime for Slaton as she is still dealing with the loss of her husband. Despite managing the loss of her husband, she is still on a downward spiral from cyberbullying, she disclosed this steadily on her last couple of posts on her recent communique on TIKTok.

An online bully told Slaton her voice sounded as though she were struggling to breathe and, somewhat heartlessly, asked if she would be getting a ‘gobbler’ removed from her throat in the future. … “I wasn’t trying to be too loud.”

Despite maintaining a strong front through these trying times, emboldened and focused on the future. Bill Barrett, Tammy’s soon-to-be brother-in-law. Even more than before, his support is unwavering as ever

Still haunted by her late husband’s passing, its late effects are still plaguing her mental well-being but Most troublingly, have the words touched the depression part of me.


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