Texas Lieutenant Governor Suggests Preventing Biden From Being on Texas Ballot

Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, suggested the idea of removing President Joe Biden from the official presidential ballot in Texas following a court ruling that prevented former President Donald Trump from appearing on Colorado’s presidential primary ballot. Patrick floated the idea after he accused Biden of allowing 8 million people to cross the border during his presidency, causing significant disruption to the state of Texas.

Patrick made these comments during an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News on Dec. 19, expressing his displeasure with Biden’s response to the border crisis. The Colorado Supreme Court ruling banned Trump from the state’s primary ballot based on a section of the 14th Amendment that prohibits individuals who engaged in an insurrection from running for office.

The back-and-forth battle between the two political figures has escalated, with President Trump labeling President Biden an “insurrectionist” for his handling of the illegal immigration crisis. Trump denied being an insurrectionist and criticized Biden for allowing millions of unknown individuals to cross the border recklessly. Both leaders have accused each other of exacerbating issues that have adversely impacted the country.

However, the immigration crisis along the southern border continues to be a pressing concern for Republicans, with data showing that border patrol agents encountered a record-setting 2.48 million illegal immigrants in Fiscal Year 2023. October marked the 32nd consecutive month where illegal alien encounters exceeded even the highest month seen under the Trump administration.

Democratic opinions about the border differ, with some, such as Senator Joe Manchin, expressing concern and calling for the closure of the southern border, citing national security threats. In fiscal year 2023, a record 169 people whose names appeared on the terrorist watchlist were arrested attempting to cross the southern border.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling has brought fresh attention to the issue of insurrection, with the decision made based on a section of the 14th Amendment that prevents individuals who have engaged in insurrection or rebellion from holding office. Efforts to portray Trump as the instigator of the Jan. 6 incident have also been ongoing, as legal challenges seek to prevent his appearance on the 2024 presidential ballot.

Despite ongoing legal efforts aimed at painting Trump as an insurrectionist due to his actions on Jan. 6, the former president has denied any involvement in inciting violence. Meanwhile, President Biden and his administration continue to face criticism for their handling of the border situation, with the issue remaining a key point of contention between the two parties.


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