The Sumo Scene / Takerufuji Celebrates Victory with Parade in Hometown

Sumo wrestling is a cultural phenomenon in Japan that has been around for centuries. It has gained global popularity due to its unique nature, with wrestlers often weighing over 300 pounds. Sumo wrestlers compete in a circular ring called a dohyo, and the goal is to push the opponent outside the ring or make them touch the ground with any part of their body other than their feet. For a sumo wrestler, winning a championship is the ultimate achievement. Two awards are presented to the winner - the Emperor's Cup and a victory parade. The parade is a time-honored tradition where the champion rides in an open-top car with a flag-bearer by their side, circling the area around the Ryogoku Kokugikan or regional tournament venues. This parade is a beloved sight for the many fans lining the streets to celebrate the wrestler's victory. It's an opportunity for those who couldn't attend the tournament to see the champion up close and personal. Fans show their enthusiasm by chanting the wrestler's name, waving flags, and throwing confetti. The parade is not just a celebration for the wrestler alone, but for the entire sumo wrestling community. The sumo world is known for its rich traditions and history, and the parade is one of many traditions that honor those who have earned the highest prize in the sport. It's a long-standing tradition that dates back to the Edo period, which is from 1603 to 1868. The parade route has changed over the years, but the tradition remains the same. The route usually starts at the Kokugikan and ends at the wrestler's training stable. Despite the current pandemic, the tradition continues to take place, albeit with some modifications. Sumo fans are encouraged to watch the parade from their homes to minimize the spread of Covid-19. The parade was filmed and broadcast live on TV, allowing viewers to watch the tradition while staying safe. The parade is just one of many events that make sumo wrestling such an exciting and unique sport. Sumo wrestlers are admired not just for their strength and athleticism, but for their unwavering dedication to the sport and its traditions. The victory parade is a celebration of all that sumo wrestling represents - strength, discipline, and tradition. In conclusion, the victory parade is a beloved tradition in the world of sumo wrestling, where the champion showcases their achievement to the world. It's a joyous event for fans, who show their support by lining the streets, chanting, and throwing confetti. The tradition has stood the test of time, and despite the pandemic, it continues to thrive, showcasing the sport's resilience and dedication to its traditions and fans

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