Top Affordable Meal Delivery Services for 2023

Looking for a convenient solution to meal planning and preparation that fits your budget and dietary needs? Meal kits and prepared meal delivery services could be the answer. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or a parent managing a family, finding the right service is essential. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a meal kit or prepared meal delivery service.

Firstly, let’s talk about cost. Meal kits with basic menus and no-frills recipes can cost as little as $5 per serving. Meanwhile, more elaborate services may charge as much as $15 to $20 per serving for recipes featuring exotic ingredients, high-end cuts of meat, and organic produce. Therefore, it’s important to find a service that fits within your budget while also providing the quality and variety of meals you desire.

The next major decision is whether you prefer meal kits or prepared meal delivery. Meal kits require some prep and cooking, but they tend to be a little less expensive per serving compared to prepared meal services, which send fully cooked meals ready to heat and eat. Prepared meals require minimal effort, other than heating, but generally cost a few dollars more per serving. Consider your lifestyle and how much time you’re willing to allocate to meal preparation when making this decision.

Healthiness is another critical factor to consider. While most meal delivery services offer healthy options, some are more nutritious than others. Whether you’re focused on low-calorie, low-carb, plant-based, or pescatarian options, it’s important to find a service that aligns with your dietary preferences. You can check out a list of the healthiest meal delivery services for 2023 to find the most nutritious options available.

Additionally, the number of meals per week is an important consideration. Generally, the more meals or servings in your order per delivery, the cheaper the cost per meal. It’s important to determine the right amount of food for your household to avoid overordering. Most meal kit ingredients won’t last more than a week in the fridge, so if you can’t imagine yourself cooking more than twice per week, it’s best not to order more than two meal kits at a time. Prepared meals usually arrive frozen or can be frozen after unboxing, making it less of an issue if you order too many meals initially.

In conclusion, finding the right meal kit or prepared meal delivery service involves considering cost, meal preparation, healthiness, and the number of meals per week. With a wide range of services available, taking the time to evaluate your options will ensure you find the perfect fit for your budget and dietary requirements.


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