Top Internet Providers in Lakewood, Colorado

Quantum Fiber, Xfinity, Verizon, and T-Mobile are some of the internet providers you may want to consider in Lakewood, Colorado. The city’s top pick for internet service, according to a recent CNET report, is Quantum Fiber, which offers high-speed fiber internet. It provides fast upload and download speeds, free equipment rental, unlimited data, and no contract requirements. The speed options available with Quantum Fiber range from 500 to 940 megabits per second, with prices starting at $50 and $75 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

Xfinity, the primary cable internet provider in Lakewood, offers an internet plan starting at $20 per month with download speeds of up to 75Mbps. Their fastest plan advertises download speeds up to 1,200Mbps, but the upload speeds over the cable connection are much slower at 35Mbps.

If you’re considering fixed wireless internet, two providers worth looking into are Verizon 5G Home Internet and T-Mobile Home Internet. These providers offer decent speeds, low pricing, and simple service terms, including unlimited data, free equipment, and no contracts.

CNET’s evaluation of Lakewood’s best internet service takes into account factors such as speeds, pricing, customer service, and overall value. They reference a proprietary database built over years of reviewing internet services, and validate that against provider information by spot-checking local addresses for service availability.

While CNET makes every effort to provide the most recent and accurate information, their process has some limitations. Pricing and speed data are variable, and the best way to identify your particular options is to plug your address into a provider’s website. The prices, speed, and other information listed may differ from what was found in their research.

To find internet deals and promotions in Lakewood, be sure to check for the latest offers from providers such as Xfinity, which may offer lower introductory pricing or streaming add-ons for a limited time. Many providers run the same standard pricing year-round.

For those who are looking for the fastest internet plans in Lakewood, CNET provides a comprehensive list of the available options. When choosing an internet plan, it’s important to consider the minimum download speeds recommended for various applications. These speeds vary depending on the number of users and the type of activities being done online.

CNET’s approach to choosing the best internet providers in Lakewood involves researching pricing, availability, and speed information from historical ISP data, provider sites, and mapping information from the Federal Communications Commission. They also input local addresses on provider websites to find specific options for residents, and consider sources such as the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power to evaluate customer satisfaction with an ISP’s service.


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