Top Internet Providers in Plano, Texas

Frontier Fiber has been ranked as the top internet provider in Plano, Texas for its affordability and high-speed internet. With plans starting at just $40 per month, Frontier Fiber offers 500Mbps upload and download speeds without any equipment fees, data caps, or contracts, making it one of the best deals available. Spectrum also offers internet in Plano, with plans starting at just $30 per month for 100Mbps download speeds, making it the cheapest option. T-Mobile Home Internet provides a wireless connection with a range of 72 to 245 Mbps, making it a reliable option for customers who want to avoid Spectrum’s price increases. In an effort to validate the best internet service providers in Plano, CNET’s evaluation included considering speeds, pricing, customer service, and overall value with a focus on customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

Despite CNET’s efforts to find the most recent and accurate information, there are limitations given that pricing and speed data are variable, and may change based on location and service tiers. As such, CNET recommends plugging into a provider’s website to identify specific options for any given address. Furthermore, prices, speeds, and other information may differ from the research provided and depicted in the CNET article. CNET’s article showcases the full range of pricing and speed across the US, derived from a database built over years of reviewing internet services. CNET notes that the text is specific to Plano, Texas and comes directly from CNET’s research.

Regarding availability, Frontier stands out with no equipment fees and equal upload and download speeds, as well as an above-average customer satisfaction score. Spectrum, offering the cheapest plans, may increase prices later, and T-Mobile has no price increases or data caps, making it a good option for most homes. In terms of promotions and offers, Spectrum and Verizon may offer lower introductory pricing or streaming add-ons for a limited time. Most deals are short-lived and subject to change, but may vary by provider.

For those curious about internet speeds, the FCC provides a breakdown of various speeds. Basic internet tasks, such as browsing and email, can be accomplished with speeds ranging from 0 to 5Mbps. For those interested in higher quality video streaming and video conferencing, 5 to 40Mbps is recommended. For high bandwidth activities such as video conferencing, streaming, and online gaming, 40 to 100Mbps is advised. A connection of 100 to 500Mbps allows for simultaneous high-bandwidth activities, while 500 to 1,000Mbps permits three or more users to partake in high-bandwidth activities.

CNET’s approach to choosing the best internet providers includes researching pricing, availability, and speed information from its own historical ISP data, provider sites, and FCC mapping information. CNET considers sources like the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power in evaluating customer satisfaction. Providers who offer access to fast internet speeds, deliver value to customers, and provide satisfactory service are the ones CNET recommends, guiding customers toward the best internet service options in Plano, Texas.


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