Top iPad Models to Look Out for in 2023

The iPad features are unmatched, making it difficult to choose the best model. Factors such as price, performance, camera quality, and display vary across models. Most people buy iPads for personal or family use, so deciding on a budget is crucial. The iPad lineup is overall excellent, with long-lasting models that are capable of running apps, games, and multitasking.

The latest wave of iPads in 2022 has added more variety but no clear standout product. The 10th-gen iPad, released last fall, is pricier than the ninth-gen model, which is still available. The 10th-gen iPad boasts a better front-facing camera, larger screen, faster processor, and USB-C charging. However, it requires its own cases and a peculiar dongle for charging the first-gen Pencil. Even though it supports Apple’s lower-cost USB-C pencil, it’s expensive. The iPad Pros, on the other hand, have seen improvements in processors and connectivity. However, their design and front camera placement remain unchanged, disappointing those who hoped to use the iPad Pro for work-based video chats.

The iPad Air, released in early 2022, remains the best “Pro on a budget” iPad, featuring a fast M1 chip and Pencil 2 support. However, it’s a likely candidate for an upgrade next year. There’s a $120 price gap between the entry-level ninth-gen iPad and the new 10th-gen version. Although the new model may boast improvements, the older model has an edge, especially if only one of those upgrades is essential.

All current iPads support the latest version of iPadOS and the first, second-gen, or lower-cost USB-C Apple Pencil. Apple supports external monitors for iPads with the M1 chip or better via Stage Manager, which has been gradually improving. Regardless of the iPad model chosen, there are ways to connect keyboard cases, Bluetooth, mouse, and trackpad for a multifunctional experience. The Apple Magic Keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro and iPad Air but not the 10th-gen iPad.

Overall, the iPad models offer a wide range of features and capabilities, making it challenging to designate one as the best. The decision ultimately comes down to personal preferences and budget. Be on the lookout for sales, as this could significantly impact the value and appeal of any iPad model.


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