Top True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Ear Hooks for 2023

Getting Your Money’s Worth With Wireless Sports Buds

When considering the purchase of new wireless sports buds with ear hooks, one of the first things to determine is your budget. The good news is that the quality of value-priced earbuds and headphones is improving, with many good affordable sports buds available for less than $75. However, it should be noted that the premium models, which boast better build quality and performance, typically cost more than $100, and sometimes even exceed $150.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Needs

One of the key decisions when selecting wireless sports buds with ear hooks is the design style. These buds are available in a couple of styles, including those with silicone tips designed to create a tight seal in your ears, thus keeping sound out (known as a noise-isolating design). On the other hand, some buds have an open design, resting on top of the ears and firing sound into them. Those with a noise-isolating design generally offer better sound with stronger bass, while the open design allows sound in for safety reasons.

Focus on Fit and Comfort

It is crucial that sports earbuds fit your ears comfortably and securely. The earbuds should offer a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without irritation. Since all the buds on this list have ear hooks, they should remain secure on your ears. However, some may fit your ears more comfortably than others, so finding the right fit is essential.

Considering Durability

It’s important to ensure that the sports buds you choose hold up well over time. It is advised to look for models with sturdy build quality and a good water-resistance rating to ensure they are suited for active use.

Factor in the Return Policy

Purchasing sports buds from a retailer with a good return policy is critical, in case you experience buyer’s remorse or if the buds do not meet your expectations. In some cases, individuals who are having trouble deciding between two models purchase both, try them out for a few days, and then return one – making the retailer’s return policy an important consideration.


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