Transform Your Smart Home with These 6 Amazon Alexa Settings

Becoming familiar with using your Amazon Echo is as easy as configuring it in an instant. For example, you can quickly learn how to make calls, connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, or use it for kitchen purposes, like setting timers and making shopping lists. Configuring your Alexa settings can take your device to the next level. This story is part of 12 Days of Tips, a holiday season special where we give you smart and useful tips for using tech, home and health devices. Customizing Alexa based on the device you own, whether it is Echo Dot, Echo Flex, Echo Studio, or Echo Show, can make a big difference in our daily lives. For instance, you can adjust your privacy settings to control, monitor and delete your voice recordings. You can turn off the ability for Amazon employees to listen to the recordings. In our privacy guide, you can find out about safety tips for your smart home devices. One of the great settings that you can use is Brief Mode on your Amazon Echo. When it is turned on, Alexa will play a short sound instead of a voice response. Therefore, the speaker won’t be repeating the same information every time. You can set up your preferred music streaming service by tapping on the ‘Music & Podcasts’ option and selecting your favorite service provider. Now, you will be able to change Alexa wake words, if you are tired of the traditional “Alexa” response. Here you can change it to ‘Computer’ or ‘Amazon’ or one of the newer wake word additions like Ziggy and Hey, Disney. Another useful setting is allowing voice purchasing on your Amazon Echo. Through voice ordering and 1-Click ordering, Alexa can help with purchasing products and necessities on your behalf. If you have multiple people using the Echo device, it’s a good idea to set up voice profiles. This helps Alexa recognize and personalize the experience to individual needs. You can make sure your voice profile is set up correctly by asking, “Alexa, who am I?” After successfully setting up all these Echo settings, there are many creative uses and advanced tips for your Amazon Echo. And, if you are unfamiliar with all the commands you can give to Alexa, check out CNET’s roundup. By exploring these settings, you can unlock a whole new experience with your Amazon Echo.


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