Travis Kelce’s teammate, Rashee Rice, opens up about his connection with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s Teammate Talks About Being in Taylor Swift’s Orbit.

Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver Rashee Rice recently appeared on Fubo Sports’ Airing It Out podcast with former NFL star TJ Houshmandzadeh. During the interview, Rice discussed his experience being around pop superstar Taylor Swift, thanks to his teammate Travis Kelce.

Rice laughingly responded to Houshmandzadeh’s question about whether he had met Taylor Swift. He revealed that while he had seen her, he had refrained from approaching her for a photo out of respect for Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, who had invited him to hang out with them.

While Rice refrained from asking for a picture, he hinted that he has been part of post-game hangouts with Kelce and Swift. The rookie wide receiver has earned praise for setting a franchise rookie record for most receiving touchdowns in a season.

Rice commended Kelce for the support and attention Swift has brought to the team. He acknowledged the increase in fan support due to the singer’s association with the Chiefs.

The discussion took a lighter turn as Rice shared his experience of a recent rookie dinner where his teammates incurred a hefty $8,000 bill at a high-end restaurant. Vets on the team, including Marquez Valdes-Scantling, covered the bill, leaving Rice both relieved and amused.

For Swift fans who are new to the NFL, the concept of rookie dinners as a form of hazing was explained. These dinners involve veterans ordering expensive items and sticking rookies with the bill. Rice’s story added a lighthearted touch to the tradition.

Rice’s involvement with the Chiefs has given him memorable experiences with the team, both on and off the field. His pride in being a part of the team and the support he receives from his fellow players was evident in the interview.

The article referenced a prank involving a $322,000 dinner bill for a rookie with the San Francisco 49ers, emphasizing the lighthearted nature of the rookie dinner tradition.

The interview also mentioned an incident involving a pre-game treat by Swift for Kelce and his friends, adding an intriguing note to the discussion about the impact of the pop star’s presence on those around her.

Rice’s words captured the infectious energy and excitement that surrounds Swift’s association with Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. The interview highlighted the positive impact of Swift’s support and involvement with the team, reinforcing her reputation as a magnet for success and companionship in the world of sports.


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