Trump Blasts Joe Biden at Reno, Nevada Commit to Caucus Event: “He is a Laughing Stock All Over the World”

President Trump took the stage in Reno, Nevada, at the Commit to Caucus Event on Sunday. During his speech, he launched a scathing attack on Joe Biden, calling him a “laughing stock all over the world” and a “low IQ individual.”

In addition to criticizing Biden, President Trump also addressed the issue of the open southern border, stating that under Biden’s administration, the U.S. has experienced the highest number of illegal border crossings in history. He also highlighted the record number of illegal visa overstays and the influx of drugs into the country.

Furthermore, President Trump emphasized the need to prioritize the protection of the U.S. border over the borders of other countries. He also pledged to use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis by promptly returning trafficked children to their respective families in their home countries.

Additionally, President Trump expressed his determination to keep individuals who are hostile to U.S. values out of the country. He advocated for the reinstatement of the travel ban from countries that promote terrorism and proposed ideological screenings for those seeking entry to the U.S.

Throughout his speech, President Trump’s unwavering determination and never-give-up attitude were on full display, as he aims for victory in the 2024 presidential election. His strong stance on key issues such as border security, immigration, and national security reflects his continued commitment to prioritizing the interests of the United States.

President Trump’s remarks in Reno, Nevada, have reignited the debate on these critical issues ahead of the upcoming election, setting the stage for a contentious political battle in the months to come. As the political landscape continues to evolve, President Trump’s bold and assertive stance has once again captured the attention of the nation, shaping the discourse on the most pressing matters facing the country.


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