Tucker and Alex Jones Discuss New World Order, Elections, Depopulation and More in Latest Twitter Video – A Must-See Discussion!

Tucker Carlson’s most recent episode of Tucker on Twitter was released on Thursday night, featuring none other than the controversial Alex Jones. The pair spent an hour-and-a-half discussing a range of topics, including Jones’ career, his infamous de-platforming, and the concept of The New World Order. Viewers were treated to comprehensive timestamps for reference throughout the episode.

During the episode, Alex Jones did not hold back, delivering a fiery take on the globalist elites’ plans for the average man, as exemplified by Klaus Schwab. According to Jones, Schwab and his cohorts aim to orchestrate a collapse of the world, inciting strife among the populace and ultimately bringing about a dystopian, high-tech, controlled society. Jones pointed to UN maps that designate more than half of the US as off-limits to humans, suggesting a bleak, militaristically governed future.

Jones also delved into the topic of depopulation, emphasizing the shift from beta testing to full-scale implementation of the globalists’ plans. He cited official projections that anticipate a post-industrial world by 2030, with the depopulation of 90% of the population by 2045. Drawing attention to the declining birth rates in various countries, Jones underscored the potential societal collapse that could result from such trends.

Another focal point of the episode was Jones’ take on the 2020 election and the deep state’s targeting of Trump. Jones expressed confidence in Trump’s electoral prospects, despite the ongoing efforts of the deep state. He also made a striking prediction, suggesting that the deep state might consider drastic measures to further their agenda, including potential harm to Biden. Jones pointed to the media’s shift in coverage of Biden’s controversies, suggesting a concerted effort to bring previously overlooked issues to light.

Tucker Carlson’s choice to feature Alex Jones on the latest episode of Tucker on Twitter has sparked significant conversation online. The episode has garnered attention on social media platforms, with users sharing notable excerpts and timestamps from the conversation. The in-depth, no-holds-barred nature of the discussion has resonated with audiences, igniting further debate and exploration of the topics touched upon by Jones and Carlson.

Overall, Tucker and Twitter’s latest episode featuring Alex Jones has succeeded in providing viewers with a thought-provoking, controversial, and wide-ranging conversation that delves into the realms of conspiracy theories, globalist agendas, and societal trends. As the episode continues to circulate online, it is sure to provoke further discussion and analysis among viewers.


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