TX Lt. Governor Suggests Removing Joe Biden from Texas Ballot Due to Border Crossings

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has sparked controversy with his recent suggestion that Joe Biden should be removed from the ballot in Texas due to his handling of immigration. During an appearance on the Laura Ingraham show, Patrick expressed his concerns over the millions of people crossing the border illegally under Biden’s presidency. He believes that this issue is more disruptive to the state of Texas than anything else in recent history.

The Lt. Governor’s comments come at a time when there is mounting criticism of Biden’s immigration policies from both Democrats and Republicans. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a border law allowing for the prosecution of migrants entering the U.S. from Mexico. This law gives Texas law enforcement officers the authority to arrest individuals suspected of entering the country illegally, with those arrested facing potential charges or deportation.

The controversy has further escalated following a ruling in Colorado, where former President Trump was removed from the state’s ballot. Patrick referenced this ruling, questioning whether a similar action should be taken in Texas. He suggested that Biden’s inaction on immigration has caused far more disruption than anything Trump has done, and thus, he should be removed from the ballot.

This bold suggestion has reignited the ongoing debate over immigration policies and border security. It reflects the deep divide and strong sentiments surrounding this issue among politicians and citizens alike. The video clip of Patrick’s comments has been widely circulated on social media, adding fuel to the fire of this contentious issue.

The call to remove Biden from the ballot in Texas underscores the intensity of the ongoing immigration debate and the growing frustration with the current administration’s handling of the situation. It reflects a broader trend of political polarization, with both sides of the aisle taking increasingly hardline stances on this pressing issue.

The proposed action to remove Biden from the ballot in Texas would have significant implications for the upcoming election. It would undoubtedly lead to further polarization and potentially ignite a fierce partisan battle over immigration policy and border security. However, whether such a drastic measure will materialize remains to be seen as it would undoubtedly face legal and political challenges.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the deep divisions and impassioned rhetoric surrounding immigration and border policies in the United States. This issue is likely to remain a key battleground in the political arena, with far-reaching implications for the country’s future direction and the upcoming elections.


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