Ukrainian Forces Struggle With Depleted Artillery Shells as Russia Continues Offensive, New Military Aid Reduced by 90%

The military capabilities of Ukraine have been significantly impacted by the recent drop in American military aid. The lack of artillery rounds, which were already being delivered on a ‘hand-to-mouth’ basis, has worsened due to the decrease in military aid. The US has drastically reduced its unprecedented level of military support, leading to concerns that it may stop altogether.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine seems to be misunderstood by the mainstream media, as they continue to mislabel the Russian offensive as a ‘slow-moving campaign to win control of eastern Ukraine’. In reality, Russia has regained the initiative and is advancing at several points along the front. Meanwhile, Russian industry is producing equipment and ammunition at increasing levels, creating a significant disparity in fighting capabilities.

Ukrainian troops have reported a shortage of artillery ammunition supplied by the US, resulting in a tenfold decrease in artillery levels. The lack of shells has affected their ability to control certain areas, such as the northern flank of Avdviivka in eastern Ukraine. The depletion of Western ammunition stockpiles has left the US and NATO unable to sustain the Ukrainian usage rate of about 7,000 rounds a day.

The reduction in military aid to Ukraine has led to a 90% drop compared to last year. In response to the shortfall, Ukrainian units are resorting to using unarmed drones to scare off Russian troops and are actively fundraising to purchase weapons.

The situation is dire, with Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands, who chairs NATO’s Military Committee, stating that Western supplies are at the ‘bottom of the barrel’. He emphasized the need for large volumes of ammunition to support the ongoing war effort. The inability of liberal economies to meet this demand has become apparent, raising concerns about the availability of adequate military supplies.

As the conflict continues to escalate, the lack of essential ammunition poses a significant challenge for Ukrainian forces. Without proper support and access to crucial supplies, the situation on the ground is becoming increasingly precarious. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine demands urgent attention and a renewed commitment to providing the necessary resources for the country’s defense.

In conclusion, the recent drop in American military aid has had a detrimental impact on Ukraine’s military capabilities. As the conflict intensifies, the lack of essential ammunition has become a serious concern for Ukrainian forces on the front lines. It is crucial for the international community to reevaluate its support and provide the necessary resources to ensure Ukraine’s ability to defend itself effectively.


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