Upcoming iOS 17 Journal App: What You Need to Know Before Its Release

Apple introduced iOS 17, and the Journal app has gained attention. While it wasn’t released with iOS 17 on September 18th, or the iPhone 15 series, it is included in the beta versions of iOS 17.2. This update will likely be released to the general public in the coming weeks. If you are a beta tester or developer, you can get a glimpse of the app now. Journaling has been shown to have various mental health benefits, like managing anxiety, reducing stress, and coping with depression. For some, it may be difficult to remember to journal or what to write. Apple’s Journal app makes it easy to jot down thoughts and provides prompts and reminders about your activities throughout the day. It’s essential to understand how the Journal app works and what it has to offer. It should be noted that some features may change in the final release.

So, what exactly is Journal? Journal is an app developed by Apple that helps users write journal entries and easily insert pictures, videos, and other content. Your entries are stored locally on your iPhone with the option for iCloud backups. The Journal app provides prompts, known as Reflections, to write about. Additionally, the app can access data to suggest what to write about based on your activities. For example, if you visit a coffee shop, the app may suggest writing about that experience. You have control over what data the app can access to create these prompts. The security of the Journal app is also a significant factor. According to Apple, the app has end-to-end encryption from your device to iCloud, and it uses on-device processes to create the prompts. You can also set FaceID or passcode requirements for additional security.

How does the app work? On the Journal homepage, you can view your recent entries. To create a new entry, tap the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to a new menu to write about suggested Reflections or events from your day. From there, you can start writing your entry, add other content like photos and videos, and save it to the Journal homepage. The app also allows you to edit or update entries once they are saved.

If you need help with journaling, the app has a feature to remind you to write. You can set up reminders in the app settings to schedule daily or specific days and times for journaling. As for availability, Journal is expected to launch later this year or upon the release of iOS 17.2. The app was included in the download for iOS 17.2 beta 1, so it should automatically download with the update upon its release. Furthermore, Apple launched its Journals Suggestion API, allowing third-party journaling apps to use the same suggestions. These apps, however, will need to adopt the API.

In conclusion, the Journal app by Apple offers a simple and convenient way to journal with various features that make the process easier. While some crucial details are still pending, it is anticipated to potentially benefit those who might struggle with journaling and mental health. For those who are eager to have a go at the app, it’s a matter of waiting until the official iOS 17.2 is released. With all said and done, Apple’s Journal app is gearing up to be a promising addition to the world of digital journaling helping its users nurture their mental well-being.


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