“We’re Gonna Make America and The UFC Great Again” – UFC Fighter Predicts President Trump Will Put the Belt on Him After Major Fight – Starts at 10 PM ET TONIGHT

In an exciting revelation, UFC fighter Colby Covington made a bold statement on the Full Send Podcast, claiming that President Trump will be present at his upcoming fight and will be putting the championship belt on him after his victory tonight.

Covington confidently expressed his determination, stating, “I’m gonna take that belt back, and he’s gonna take back the White House, and we’re gonna Make America and the UFC Great Again.”

The fighter is known for his unwavering support for the President and his outspoken personality. Just recently, Covington made headlines for publicly criticizing LeBron James and calling him out for his actions during the national anthem. His bold and unapologetic approach has earned him a reputation as someone who doesn’t shy away from controversy.

Despite facing obstacles in his plans, Covington intended for President Trump to accompany him to the octagon for his fight. Unfortunately, the UFC was unable to accommodate this request. However, Covington reassured that the President would be present in the audience and would personally present the championship belt to him following the fight.

The highly anticipated match is scheduled to begin at 10 PM ET on ESPN+ and pay-per-view.

At 35 years of age, Covington is returning to the octagon after almost two years, and his bout against Leon Edwards for the welterweight championship at UFC 296 is expected to be a defining moment in his career. The fighter is eager to reclaim the title after losing it to Kamaru Usman over two years ago.

In a public statement, Covington expressed his deep admiration for President Trump, referring to him as his biggest role model. He emphasized the significance of having the President personally present the championship belt to him, adding, “Trump’s gonna come in the octagon and give me that belt.”

The announcement has generated significant buzz, with fans eagerly anticipating the prospect of President Trump’s involvement in the event. The potential scenario of the former President placing the belt on Covington following his victory has been described as a “Mt Rushmore moment in sports.”

As the countdown to the fight begins, the stage is set for a momentous and thrilling event in the world of UFC. With President Trump’s presence adding an extra layer of excitement, all eyes will be on the octagon as Covington aims to secure a triumphant return to the championship title.


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