Western Japan Cities Experience First Snowfalls of the Season, Including Hiroshima

Western Japan Sees First Snowfall of the Season

Winter arrived with a bang in Hiroshima and other parts of western Japan on Sunday as the first snowfalls of the season were observed. The familiar quiet landscapes were transformed into a winter wonderland as snow started to fall at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on Sunday morning.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reported that the snowfall in Hiroshima this year was four days later than the average year, and three days later than last year. This delay in the arrival of snow has caused quite a stir among the locals who are used to seeing a blanket of snow around this time.

Many people took to social media to share their excitement about the first snowfall, with some posting pictures and videos of the snow-covered scenery. Families were seen enjoying the snow, building snowmen and having snowball fights in the park.

The delayed snowfall has also led to concerns about the impact on winter tourism in the region. Hiroshima and other parts of western Japan are popular tourist destinations during the winter months, with many visitors coming to see the snow-covered landscapes and participate in winter activities.

Local businesses that rely on winter tourism are hopeful that the snowfall will attract visitors and help boost their sales. However, the delayed snowfall has created uncertainty about the winter tourism season, as the usual influx of tourists has not yet been observed.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has predicted that more snowfall is expected in the coming days, with temperatures dropping further. Residents and tourists are advised to be cautious while traveling and to take necessary precautions to stay safe in the cold weather.

As the region prepares for the winter season, the first snowfall has brought a sense of excitement and anticipation for the festivities ahead. Locals and tourists alike are looking forward to enjoying the winter wonderland that western Japan has to offer.


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