What Glen Powell Wants in a Romantic Relationship

Hollywood heartthrob Glen Powell has recently opened up about his love life and the challenges of being single and famous. The 35-year-old star of “Anyone But You” talked to Bustle about navigating the public eye as a single guy in the spotlight, especially in the wake of his breakup with model-designer Gigi Paris.

Powell shared that he’s been seeking advice from those closest to him, who remind him that the highs and lows of his love life will be more public, hurtful, and embarrassing than for most people. However, they reassure him that when he finds love again, it will work out in the end.

The actor also revealed that he looks up to his parents, Glen Sr. and Cyndy, as role models for a successful relationship. He admires their ability to find humor and fun in their long-lasting romance, even during tough times. Powell expressed his desire to have a relationship like his parents’ and emphasized the importance of finding joy and laughter in love.

Despite recent romance rumors with his “Anyone But You” co-star Sydney Sweeney, Powell and Sweeney have both addressed the speculation in separate interviews. Sweeney shared how she felt “beat up” by the rumors, while Powell acknowledged that dealing with the public scrutiny of their on-screen chemistry had been disorienting and unfair.

Powell also spoke with ET about the ease of pretending to fall in love on screen, particularly with someone as talented and delightful as Sweeney. He praised their natural chemistry and friendship, emphasizing that their rapport made filming the rom-com a joyful experience.

As Powell continues to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry and his personal life, he remains focused on finding a lasting and lighthearted love, akin to the relationship his parents share.

Anyone But You is set to hit theaters on December 22, offering fans the chance to see Powell and Sweeney’s on-screen chemistry for themselves. With its depiction of romance and humor, the film promises to capture the essence of love, just as Powell hopes to find in his own life.

In the meantime, Powell’s fans can continue to root for him as he seeks the kind of enduring and joyous relationship that he admires in his parents. And despite the challenges of being in the public eye, Powell remains hopeful and optimistic about love and romance.


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