Whitney Cummings shares adorable announcement of welcoming her first child

Stand-up comedian and TV personality Whitney Cummings is celebrating the arrival of her first child. The news came through an Instagram post on Sunday, which included a photo of Cummings nursing her newborn baby, albeit with the young son cropped out of the picture. The 41-year-old captioned the post with humor, jokingly referring to her baby as “3-D printed” and promising to never have brushed hair again.

This announcement comes nearly six months after Cummings first revealed her pregnancy back in June. She later shared a sonogram, revealing that she was expecting a boy. Additional details about the newborn’s name and birth date were not included in her recent post. However, the Instagram update followed a video shared by Cummings, which showed a horse nudging her sizable baby bump, prompting the comic to joke about her horse wanting the baby to arrive as much as her followers.

Throughout her pregnancy, Cummings has been candid and humorous, sharing her experiences and thoughts with her social media followers. Just a few days before the birth announcement, she posted another pregnant photo and joked about it hopefully being the last one, asking for labor tips and humorously suggesting the idea of streaming the process on OnlyFans.

In an interview on “Today” back in February, Cummings had hinted at her plans of having a child this year after freezing her eggs. She joked about looking for potential husbands in New York, considering the lack of options in L.A., before revealing her intentions of trying to get pregnant this year.

All in all, the news of Whitney Cummings becoming a mother has been met with widespread congratulations and well-wishes from her fans. With her candid and humorous approach to sharing her experiences, it’s clear that Cummings will continue to bring her unique perspective to the journey of motherhood. Congratulations to the new mom!

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