Why Democrat Judges in Colorado Disqualified Trump and 3 Possible Solutions

By Gary Smith

A recent move by the Colorado Supreme Court has once again thrown the national spotlight on the ongoing battle between the Democratic Party and former President Donald Trump. The decision by the court, which has been labeled as desperate, stupid, and corrupt, has actually served to increase Trump’s lead in the national polls.

It seems that every time an attempt is made to discredit or indict Trump, his popularity rises. This pattern has been consistent throughout Trump’s political career and has led to even those who were previously skeptical of Trump becoming his supporters.

The Democrats have been accused of being corrupt, evil, mentally unstable, and just plain stupid. But why would they make such glaringly desperate moves?

The question arises- why would the Democrats target someone who is supposedly such an unpopular and self-destructive candidate? If Trump is bound to ruin his own chances, why actively work against him?

According to some political analysts, the motives behind the actions of Democratic judges are multi-faceted. Many believe that they are radical communists who despise America and everything it stands for. In their eyes, dividing and destroying the country is their ultimate goal.

They are also accused of suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” leading to irrational and delusional behavior. They have been accused of abandoning the rule of law in order to hinder Trump’s progress and attain their own objectives.

Furthermore, it is speculated that these judges are corrupt, compromised, and controlled by foreign entities who seek the downfall of America. The fear of losing their power and facing legal consequences serves as a driving force behind their actions.

The Democrats’ motivation also stems from their ties to China and the Mexican Drug Cartels. By keeping the border open, they benefit financially and politically. With Trump back in power, their lucrative schemes would be in jeopardy.

Trump’s return to power is also feared by many in the Democratic Party as it could potentially lead to their incarceration on charges of treason, corruption, and betrayal of the nation. Their ongoing illegal activities could come to light if Trump were to take office again.

So, what are the available solutions to counter the Democrats’ desperate moves? One proposition is to disqualify Biden from running in every red state due to his corrupt practices and mismanagement of the immigration crisis.

Red state DAs and AGs could potentially indict Biden and other responsible figures for treason and hold them accountable for the chaos at the border. Additionally, a massive Trump rally is proposed to demonstrate widespread support for the former president.

However, concerns have been raised about the ability of the Republican Party to effectively act upon these solutions. The lack of organization and unity within the party has been highlighted as a major obstacle.

As the political drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how the U.S. Supreme Court will respond to these developments. The ongoing battle between the Democrats and Donald Trump has gained significant attention and continues to be a source of controversy and speculation.

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