Abby Lee Miller Prefers Travis Kelce’s Dancing over Taylor Swift’s “Pigeon-Toed” Moves

Abby Lee Miller of “Dance Moms” Dishes on Taylor Swift’s Dance Skills

On a recent episode of her podcast, “Leave It On the Dance Floor”, Abby Lee Miller, known for her role on “Dance Moms”, had some thoughts to share about Taylor Swift’s dancing abilities. “Taylor Swift is pigeon-toed,” Miller said, adding that her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a much better dancer. Miller went on to talk about Kelce, saying that he is a great dancer and even posted a clip of him dancing on TikTok.

When asked how Swift could fix her pigeon-toed condition, Miller responded with skepticism, saying it’s likely too late for her to correct it. Despite her comments, Miller offered Swift a dance lesson in the caption of her video, hinting that everyone can benefit from her class.

Miller also expressed her belief that dancing is not a top priority for Swift at the moment, considering her busy year filled with a record-breaking tour, the re-release of two albums, and a budding new relationship with Travis Kelce. In her Time Person of the Year interview, Swift opened up about her relationship with Kelce and how they decided to go public with their romance.

Swift and Kelce officially went public in September, when Swift made a surprise appearance at one of Kelce’s games. The couple has been seen attending games together and embracing their public displays of affection. In her interview, Swift expressed that they are proud of each other and enjoy showing up for each other in public settings.

Abby Lee Miller’s comments on Swift’s dance skills have sparked debate and conversation among fans, and many are interested to see if Swift will take her up on the offer for a dance class. As Swift’s romance with Kelce continues to make headlines, fans will be keeping an eye out for any new developments in both her personal and professional life.


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