Identity of “Former President” and Other Prominent Figures to be Revealed in Unsealed List of Over 170 Jeffrey Epstein Associates – Three Names Remain Confidential

In a shocking revelation, Jim Hoft recently announced that 177 of Jeffrey Epstein’s high-profile connections are about to face a New Year’s surprise as their names are set to be disclosed in court documents come 2024. Some were hinted at by the Daily Mail, including housekeepers, with only Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz being publicly identified.

This matter stems from a defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s associate, with the revelation coming as Giuffre taunted the soon-to-be-exposed names “on the naughty list.”

According to NewsNation, an ex-president with ties to Epstein should be particularly nervous, as reported by NewsNation journalist Dray Clark. Clark stated that several well-known, high-profile names, including that of a former president, would be part of the list set for release.

The Miami Herald mentioned that three names will remain sealed – two being “outsiders peripheral to the events at issue,” and one being mistakenly identified.

Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein has long been a topic of speculation and suspicion, particularly his multiple visits to the Oval Office during Clinton’s presidency, his multiple flights on Epstein’s private jet, and allegations of his presence on Epstein’s island with Maxwell and young girls.

In a recent filing related to the case, The Gateway Pundit and its legal team requested the Southern District Court of New York to unseal all records identifying Epstein’s sex clients. With this information set to be revealed, it seems that justice for Epstein’s victims may be forthcoming.

As the new year approaches, the public eagerly awaits to see the names that will be disclosed and the potential consequences for those involved in the sordid saga of Jeffrey Epstein.


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