“Democrat Business Owner Expresses Outrage Over Repeated Burglaries, Questions Support for Biden and Newsom” (VIDEO) – The Gateway Pundit

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Burglary victim Ryan Baggaley

A local business owner in Glassell Park, Los Angeles, has expressed deep frustration and anger over the repeated burglaries at his construction and electronics company, DELTA Construction & Co.

Ryan Baggaley, the owner, is now questioning his political support, feeling let down by the leaders he voted for.

FOX LA reported the recent break-in at Baggaley’s company. Surveillance footage showed several thieves breaking into the business.

“This whole strip has been broken into,” Baggaley stated, indicating a pattern of criminal activity in the area.

The latest burglary occurred around 5 a.m. on Wednesday. The security cameras captured a blue Kia Soul, reportedly stolen from LAPD’s impound yard, smashing into the company’s gate. About fifteen suspects were seen entering the premises, stealing valuable items including musical instruments and construction tools.

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Source: DELTA Construction & Co.

“They stole six of our guitars, a bunch of studio mics, and thousands of dollars’ worth of tools,” Baggaley said.

The alarm company alerted him during the break-in, and he arrived on the scene before the police, ready to confront the thieves. However, the suspects had already fled.

The business owner regretfully reported approximately 15 burglaries at his and his clients’ properties over the last two years, KTLA reported.

Baggaley blamed the political leadership for the lack of police presence and slow response, stating, “We keep 30 guys employed, pay our taxes, and all I ask is for some patrolmen in the area.”

The situation has put a significant strain on his business. “We’re a small business and can’t afford $100,000 in damage,” he lamented.

Baggaley expressed his deep-seated disappointment in elected officials, notably those he supported in past votes, such as Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, and Karen Bass.

“I voted for Karen Bass. I voted for Biden. I voted for Gavin Newsom. I’m sick of it. It’s like, at some point, you have to give me a reason to vote for you again or just do our jobs, make a living, help our employees, make a good living, and move on, but it’s really freaking difficult to survive,” Baggaley said.



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