Democrats Last Removed a GOP Candidate from the Ballot in 1860, Refusing to Allow Abraham Lincoln’s Name in Slave States

The Colorado Supreme Court made a controversial ruling, deciding that President Trump’s name will not be included on the state’s ballot in 2024. This decision was made by far-left justices, who utilized a post-Civil War Amendment to block the leading opposition candidate from the ballot. Interestingly, this maneuver mirrors a similar attempt by Democrats to thwart the Republican nominee in the presidential election of 1860. Back then, Abraham Lincoln’s name did not appear on most Southern states’ ballots, but he still managed to win the election, thwarting the Democrat plot.

Following the Civil War, Republicans passed the 14th Amendment in 1868 to guarantee equal protection under the law for newly freed slaves. However, 100% of Democrats voted against this amendment. Now, Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans are trying to use the 14th Amendment to establish that Trump engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the U.S. government on Jan. 6, 2021, and, therefore, should be ineligible to serve. They are relying on the conduct of some of the protesters in the Capitol incursion who became violent in an attempt to disrupt the Electoral College vote.

This echoes past attempts by the Democrat party to thwart the Republican nominee’s chances of winning the presidential election. In the case of Abraham Lincoln, despite efforts to exclude his name from the ballots in Southern states, he prevailed and won the election with 180 electoral votes, rendering the Democrat plot unsuccessful.

It is ironic to see history repeating itself, with Democrats attempting to block a Republican nominee from the ballot once again. Their use of the 14th Amendment as a tool to challenge the candidacy of President Trump raises questions about the political motives behind this maneuver.

The parallels between past and present actions of the Democrat party suggest a pattern of obstructing their opposition candidates. While the 1860 election saw Abraham Lincoln overcoming such obstacles to emerge victorious, the current situation raises concerns about the fair and democratic conduct of elections. As this latest attempt to exclude a Republican nominee from the ballot unfolds, the spotlight is now on the Supreme Court to address this contentious issue.


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