Top MLB Players of 2023 without any Awards

The most recent Major League Baseball players to not receive any awards even while playing remarkably well have been commendably recognized in the ‘All-Awardless Team.’ The Players who joined the team have not received an actual honor as of yet. They include Ketel Marte, Bobby Witt Jr, Marcell Ozuna, Brandon Nimmo, and Isaac Paredes.
Bobby Witt Jr was a clear choice, finishing the season with improved rate stats, hitting a total of 49 stolen bases along with 30 homers, 28 doubles, and an impressive 11 triples. Meanwhile, Marcell Ozuna from the Braves managed a .274/.346/.558 slash with 40 homers, 29 doubles and 100 RBIs and was nowhere near the best — or even the second-best — hitter on his team.
In the case of Ketel Marte, he successfully extended his record-setting hit streak to 20 games in the bottom of the 1st inning, demonstrating an outstanding performance throughout the year.
Isaac Paredes has been recognized for his exceptional 2023 season performance, thereby receiving an ‘All-Awardless’ award to acknowledge his significant offensive achievements. Other players might not have received a parade, but Ketel Marte and Isaac Paredes, in particular, contributed significantly to their teams which deserve to be celebrated.


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