Derek Hough’s Wife Undergoes Emergency Skull Replacement Surgery

Last week, dancing star, Derek Hough, had some of the worst news anyone can receive about a loved one. Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert, while on the Symphony of Dance tour, had to be rushed to the hospital due to perplexing symptoms. To everyone’s shock, emergency brain surgery was required.

A few days before Christmas, Derek took to his Instagram to inform fans about his wife needing to go back under the knife. Half of Hayley’s skull was removed during her first surgery and now, she needed surgery to have it replaced.

However, despite the terrifying situation, Derek shared that their fans’ love and support were doing wonders for Hayley. Through his Instagram, Derek conveyed his belief in the power of prayers and well-wishes, urging everyone to continue to keep her in mind.

In a video posted earlier in the week, Derek is seen walking alongside Hayley along the National Mall in Washington, D.C. She is wearing protective headgear. Derek mentioned that she’s still in the recovery process and another surgery, to insert a skull implant would be scheduled soon.

On December 7th, following a tour performance in Washington, D.C., Derek broke the news that Hayley had been hospitalized. After becoming disoriented, Hayley was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma and required an emergency craniectomy.

It’s a lot for the couple to bear, especially for Derek, who just recently got married this passed summer. Fellow DWTS colleagues have sent their love and support.

Now, fans are hoping for a quick recovery for Hayley, to whom Derek has been grateful for the love and support she has received.


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