Ne-Yo, Champion of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10, Shares How the Show Renewed His Passion for Songwriting

The Masked Singer season 10 came to a dramatic close in the finale on Wednesday, with The Cow being unmasked as R&B singer and actor Ne-Yo. The show has once again proven it can have a big impact on the stars who have the courage to take part in the surreal fun.

In an interview with ET, Ne-Yo reflected on his time on the show, and how performing in a new way, and with some anonymity, reignited his passion for making music. “I’ve always been very certain about who I am, what I am, what I can do well, and as Ne-Yo, I know what is the Ne-Yo wheelhouse,” he explained. “But as a songwriter, I could be Rihanna, I could be Beyonce, I could be Omarion, I could be whoever — as a songwriter.”

Ne-Yo revealed that the music industry had somewhat dampened his joy, and it took donning the Cow costume on The Masked Singer to revitalize his love for music. “This show has revitalized that joy for me,” he said. “So that’s my major takeaway, for me.”

In Wednesday’s finale, Ne-Yo’s Cow kicked off the show with an energetic and exciting rendition of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” ultimately taking home the coveted trophy. He beat out John Schneider as The Donut, Janel Parrish as The Gazelle, and Macy Gray as The Sea Queen.

Reflecting on his experience, Ne-Yo shared, “I had a ball with the experience, and I would one million percent do it again if I thought I could get away with it.”

The Masked Singer continues to be a hit show, with a gallery showcasing every single contestant who has ever been unmasked throughout the history of the series.

Ne-Yo’s success on the show has once again highlighted the transformative power of The Masked Singer, and the impact it has on the celebrities who participate. The show allows them to explore new avenues of creativity and offers a unique opportunity to reignite their passion for performing.

As another season comes to an end, fans can look forward to more surprising reveals and thrilling performances in the future as The Masked Singer continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the stars who make the brave decision to don the elaborate costumes and take the stage.


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