Dr. Zelenko Emphasizes the Importance of Zinc in Killing the Virus, Highlights Delivery Challenges

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was hailed as a hero in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic for his use of hydroxychloroquine to save his patients. However, his efforts were abruptly stopped by the intervention of a Democrat governor. Undeterred by the obstacles put in his way by politicians, Dr. Zelenko continued to work tirelessly to find a legal, over-the-counter solution to provide his patients with the necessary treatment.

He discovered a combination of quercetin, zinc, and vitamins, which he described as “a gift from God in response to tyranny.” This combination, known as Z-Stack, became widely popular as a way to combat the virus. Dr. Zelenko emphasized the importance of quercetin and zinc in stopping the spread of viruses, explaining the “bullet and gun” approach in his video.

In the video, Dr. Zelenko highlighted the crucial role of zinc as the “bullet” that kills the virus, but pointed out the challenge of getting the zinc to the right place within the cell. He explained that zinc ionophores serve as the “gun” that allows zinc to enter the cell and stop the virus from replicating. He also expressed the difficulties patients faced in sourcing the individual ingredients, leading him to develop Z-Stack as a comprehensive solution that includes all necessary components.

Dr. Zelenko’s dedication to providing accessible and effective treatment options has resulted in the availability of Z-Stack to the general public. This supplement is made of real, all-natural ingredients, is gluten-free, GMP-certified, and proudly made in the USA. To order Z-Stack directly from Dr. Zelenko’s store, individuals can visit the official website.

The availability of Z-Stack marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19 and other viruses. Dr. Zelenko’s innovative solution not only addresses the challenges faced by patients in sourcing the necessary ingredients but also provides a holistic and effective approach to fighting viral infections.

The widespread popularity of Z-Stack is a testament to the impact of Dr. Zelenko’s relentless determination to help those in need. By making this over-the-counter solution available to everyone, he has extended his legacy of compassion and expertise in the field of medicine.

The development and availability of Z-Stack serve as a shining example of how individuals like Dr. Zelenko continue to make a positive difference in the face of adversity. As the world continues to battle the ongoing pandemic, innovative solutions such as Z-Stack offer hope and tangible support to those seeking effective ways to protect themselves and their loved ones. Dr. Zelenko’s commitment to providing accessible and practical treatments underscores the importance of perseverance and dedication in overcoming the challenges posed by global health crises.


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