Elementary Students in Minnesota Exposed to Inappropriate Content and Threats During School Zoom Call

Zoom Intruders Expose Elementary Students to Porn and Threats

Students at Oak Point Elementary in Minnesota experienced a shocking and disturbing intrusion during a school Zoom call, where they were exposed to pornographic images and violent threats. The incident occurred during an assembly where students were supposed to be participating in a Blue Ribbon flag-raising ceremony.

According to a report from Eden Prairie Local News, unknown individuals infiltrated the Zoom call and proceeded to share pornographic images and make explicit sexual remarks. Additionally, a bomb and shooting threat was posted in the chat, and a verbal bomb threat was issued directly to Oak Point school.

Teachers took immediate action to mute the call, block the screen, or turn it off, but unfortunately, some students had already been exposed to the explicit content. The intruders also used an automated voice to deliver concerning messages, including a threat of violence at the school.

In a letter sent to parents, Oak Point Principal Dr. Chris Rogers expressed his immediate response to the incident and acknowledged that students may have been frightened by what they heard and saw. He also assured parents that extra measures would be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The school has also cooperated with the Eden Prairie Police Department, who are investigating the incident and have deemed it a non-credible threat. Despite this, a juvenile liaison officer will be present around the school premises to ensure the safety of the students throughout the week.

Although it is unclear how the intruders obtained access to the Zoom link, it is confirmed that it was not password protected, raising concerns about the security of virtual events.

Law enforcement is currently investigating the origins of the virtual intruders and have determined that they were not located in Minnesota, adding another layer of complexity to the case.


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