European Court of Justice to Deliver Verdict on European Super League

European football is on the brink of a major shakeup as the European Court of Justice is set to announce a ruling in the case involving the formation of the European Super League later today.

The case sees UEFA and FIFA accused of acting against competition law by blocking the formation of the European Super League in 2021 and then seeking to sanction the clubs involved. The decision by the court will have significant implications for the future of European football.

A non-binding decision made by the Advocate General last December indicated that rules allowing UEFA to have prior approval of new competitions were compatible with EU law.

The original 2021 Super League proposal, criticized for its ‘closed’ format, could be revisited in a new form by a company called A22. The revised plans of A22 for a multi-division event featuring 60 to 80 teams now asserts that it will be open to all.

A22 has drafted these plans in the hope that the ruling forces sports federations like UEFA to use non-discriminatory criteria when assessing new entrants to the market. A22 insists that this would open the door for the company to try again at establishing a competitive league.

However, there are many hurdles in A22’s path, including the will of clubs, existing agreements between the European Club Association and UEFA, and the joint venture between ECA and UEFA on commercial matters.

In England, the Premier League has concluded a new domestic television rights deal worth £6.7billion. The impact of any new competition proposed by A22 on these broadcast rights will be a critical concern for English clubs.

The fans, who played a pivotal role in the collapse of the initial Super League plans, will also be an essential consideration in the ongoing debate. It remains to be seen how the judgment passing back to a Madrid commercial court will impact the future actions of UEFA and the clubs involved.

There are substantial implications associated with the court’s judgment, including potential sanctions and further investigations, which will be awaited with bated breath by all stakeholders in European football. As the footballing world awaits the decision, the future of European club football hangs in the balance.


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