The Dependability of Jordan Montgomery as a Free Agent Starting Pitcher

Jordan Montgomery Makes his Case as Top Free-Agent Starter

Jordan Montgomery, the left-handed pitcher, has emerged as a valuable asset for the Texas Rangers during their World Series run. The 30-year-old ace, recently named to the All-MLB Second Team, has proven himself to be one of the most reliable southpaws in the league. Here are three reasons why Montgomery is garnering attention from numerous teams as a free agent, and why he could be a valuable addition to any starting rotation next season.

Firstly, Montgomery’s ability to lead hitters into a House of Mirrors makes him a formidable opponent. Despite lacking elite characteristics from a “stuff” perspective in his sinker-curveball combo, Montgomery’s deceptive spin and movement have proven highly effective against elite hitters. His sinker and curveball spin in perfectly opposite directions, creating extra deception for a hitter, making it challenging to distinguish between the two pitch types. This spin mirroring technique, combined with the trajectory of his pitches, has made Montgomery a standout pitcher in the playoffs.

In the playoffs, Montgomery adapted his plan of attack and became a playoff ace. He mastered his sinker-curveball combo and minimally used his changeup as his chief secondary offering against right-handed hitters. This strategic change proved to be successful, as Montgomery delivered consistent performances and became a key contributor to the Rangers’ postseason success. His ability to tune into his best stuff when it matters most speaks volumes about his adaptability and readiness for big moments.

Additionally, Montgomery is highly effective at pitching in the strike zone. His consistent performance and ability to prevent runs for his team have made him a dependable workhorse in the league. His impressive stats demonstrate his reliability, with solid performances in the regular season and postseason, solidifying his reputation as one of the most dependable pitchers in the league.

Montgomery’s success with the Rangers has placed him at the forefront of the free-agent market, drawing attention from numerous teams. His spin mirroring technique, strategic adaptability, and reliable performance within the strike zone have positioned him as a top contender for teams in need of a starting pitcher. His consistency and championship experience make him a valuable addition to any team looking to strengthen their pitching rotation for the upcoming season.

As Montgomery awaits his next career move, his performance in the World Series and postseason has undoubtedly bolstered his stock as a free-agent starting pitcher. With his commendable performance and demonstrated ability to deliver in high-pressure situations, Montgomery is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming season, wherever he may land.


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