JR Tokai, Tokyu to Run Luxury Train in Shizuoka Pref.

JR Tokai and Tokyu Corp have joined forces to introduce a new luxury tourist train to the central prefecture of Shizuoka. The Royal Express, an eight-carriage train, will operate from November to December, offering exceptional views of Mount Fuji and Lake Hamana. The train has been carefully designed to promote regional revitalisation, showcasing locally sourced French and Japanese cuisine amid scenic landscapes. Holiday packages for the Royal Express start at ¥750,000, and up to 30 passengers will be accommodated for each of the six runs during the two-month test period. Applying for tickets can be done via the internet or through traditional mail and tickets will be issued by a lottery system.

JR Tokai, also known as the Central Japan Railway Company, and Tokyu Corp are no strangers to the railway industry and have been leading operators for many years. However, the decision to introduce a luxury tourist train service highlights their ability to innovate, catering to a new and exciting demographic of travellers. The Royal Express is particularly impressive, offering travellers exactly what they crave from a trip to Japan – an authentic journey filled with scenic landscapes, delectable cuisine and an immersive cultural experience.

During a press conference, Shunsuke Niwa, President of JR Tokai mentioned that the company is eager to showcase the allure of Shizuoka to as many people as possible. Shizuoka is located along Japan’s southern coast and is known for its abundant natural beauty including Mount Fuji, rivers, forests, and parks. Additionally, Shizuoka is historically rich and is home to various tourism sites like Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum and the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine.

Masahiro Horie, the President of Tokyu Corp, expressed hope to contribute to the invigoration of the Shizuoka area. As tourism grows, more businesses will begin to move into Shizuoka, increasing economic development and providing new opportunities for locals. Luxury tourism will lead the charge as new visitors, seeking immersive experiences, begin to explore the area and discover all it has to offer.

The Royal Express is part of a growing movement amongst luxury tourism, promoting a more sustainable way of travel that not only immerses travellers in local cultures but also has unique ecological footprints. The train’s aesthetic has been carefully designed to provide a sense of elegance and simplicity while prioritizing traveller comfort with each carriage featuring free WiFi and Climate Control Systems.

Interestingly, the train is intricately decorated with soothing neutral colours. It boasts of ample lounging areas designed for socialising, and it is a hub of activities from fine dining and bar service to traditional art performances. Every room on the train has its mini kitchen to cater to the travellers’ culinary needs throughout the journey. Meanwhile, the train’s staffs have been strictly selected and have received professional training to ensure excellent service delivery as they take each traveller through the course of the journey.

The Royal Express promises to dazzle the senses of travellers worldwide and to help improve the economy and infrastructure of Shizuoka in a significant way. With an addictive flair, it offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines modern amenities with eco-friendly tourism, the local culture and its charm, all fused into an unforgettable experience that truly brings the heart of Japan to the train. After all, nothing describes elegance and luxury more than the scenic view of Mt. Fuji from the window of an 8-carriage train


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