KDDI Launches New Program to Develop Space Businesses

In an attempt to foster space-connected ventures and inspire relationships between newly-established businesses and large-scale corporations, KDDI, a notable Japanese telecommunications carrier, has recently inaugurated its Mugenlabo Universe program. This open innovation program will grant its partner organizations experimental environments, comprising an outer space-like digital space, to enable innovative explorations and the launching of space-oriented businesses. A selection of entities, including the Tokyo-established space research firm, Spacedata Inc., will cooperate in this ambitious venture. Commencing with the fiscal year 2025 trial of robot operation in a digital space that mimics the lunar environment’s temperature and gravitational pull, they will then conduct an unmanned small satellite space food cultivation analysis in the fiscal year 2027.
KDDI’s set of attainable objectives involve establishing a communication framework between the Earth and the moon in the early stages of 2028, as well as developing a lunar communication ambiance by 2030


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