Luton is prepared to “do it for Locks,” says Rob Edwards

Luton manager Rob Edwards expressed his team’s readiness “to do it for Locks” ahead of their upcoming match, following captain Tom Lockyer’s cardiac arrest during a game against Bournemouth. Lockyer, 29, was discharged from the hospital after undergoing a successful procedure for a cardiac implant, and has begun rehabilitation at home. Edwards emphasized the importance of honoring Lockyer but also exercising caution in the aftermath of the ordeal.

In a video shared on Luton’s official social media, Edwards addressed the need to move forward from the incident without exploiting it. Instead, he stressed the importance of taking into consideration what Lockyer and the team would want. The focus is on coming together as a tight-knit family and offering support to each other during this challenging time.

Lockyer previously underwent surgery for atrial fibrillation following last season’s play-off final at Wembley. Despite returning to action at the start of the new season, he collapsed again during the recent match. The Premier League confirmed that the match will be replayed at a later date while Luton prepares for their game against Newcastle.

Following the incident, Edwards adopted a personalized approach for each player, allowing them time off and ensuring they receive the necessary support internally, including access to a 24-hour helpline and assistance from sport mental health organization Sporting Chance. Despite the frightening experience, team manager Edwards commended the efforts of the medical personnel who came to Lockyer’s aid on the pitch, acknowledging them as real heroes.

As Lockyer continues his recovery at home, the Luton squad is determined to rally together to honor their captain’s strength and resilience. Despite the shock and uncertainty in the aftermath of Lockyer’s collapse, the team remains unified and focused on their upcoming fixtures. The club’s priority now is to offer full support to Lockyer and ensure that his rehabilitation process is seamless. The entire team’s thoughts are with the captain as they await his full recovery.

The upcoming fixture against Newcastle takes on even more significance for Luton, as they seek to channel their emotions into a strong performance in support of Lockyer. The team’s fans have also rallied around the captain, expressing their unwavering support as he continues on his road to recovery from this harrowing experience. So, the upcoming fixture carries both emotional and competitive weight as Luton look to navigate through this challenging period and turn the page on a distressing chapter.


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