Political Prisoner Jon Mellis Sentenced to 51 Months in Prison; Government Accuses Mellis of Assaulting Cops During Trial

J6 Political Prisoner Jon Mellis Sentenced to 51 Months Jail time

In a recent turn of events, Judge Randolph Moss has sentenced Jan 6 political prisoner Jon Mellis to 51 months of incarceration and three years of supervised release. Additionally, Mellis has been ordered to pay $20,000 in fines. This ruling comes in the wake of Mellis’ involvement in the January 6 protests in Washington DC and the subsequent events that unfolded.

Mellis’ involvement in the protests led to him witnessing Officer Lila Morris brutally beating Roseanne Boyland unconscious. In an attempt to stop police from brutally beating demonstrators, Mellis has found himself embroiled in a legal battle.

Throughout his sentencing hearing, Mellis has vehemently denied any direct involvement in assaulting police officers, as claimed by the government attorneys. Mellis argues that prosecutors fabricated instances of him assaulting officers with whom he had never interacted and that the officers didn’t even bother attending the hearing to testify.

Mellis has been vocal about the deception and lies present in his sentencing hearing. He has claimed that prosecutors, including AUSA Emory Cole, lied about the status of the officers he was charged with assaulting as they trampled Roseanne Boyland. Furthermore, Mellis has accused Cole of making false claims on behalf of officers who were not even injured and never showed up in court to testify.

Despite the judge’s decision, Mellis has been steadfast in maintaining his innocence, claiming that he and others were attacked by the police first on January 6 and that no police officers died during the protest. Mellis has also emphasized the deaths of four Trump supporters during the events of that day.

Mellis was arrested a month after the January 6 protests and has been serving time in prison. During his incarceration, he has been a vocal advocate for the other J6 defendants, working tirelessly to help them be heard and provide support for their families.

Mellis recently spoke about the mistreatment and torture faced by J6 defendants in the DC Gulag, alleging that they are being subjected to sexual assault, racism, and abuse by correctional officers. In February, Mellis leaked a video showcasing the dirty brown water the political prisoners in the facility are forced to drink.

Looking ahead, Mellis has accepted his fate and is prepared to endure the challenges that lie ahead during his time in federal prison. He has expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from fellow J6ers and the American people and has encouraged continued support for him and his cause.

The next chapter for Mellis will be spent in federal prison, and he hopes to continue fighting for justice for political prisoners upon his release. Despite his circumstances, Mellis remains hopeful and extends his well-wishes to all those who continue to support and stand with him.


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