Man Charged in Random Assault on Actor Steve Buscemi in New York

A homeless male of fifty years of age has been charged with second-degree assault in the same district wherein Steve Buscemi, the sixty-six-year-old personality behind “Boardwalk Empire” and “Fargo,” was physically assaulted and battered. The attack took place earlier this month while Buscemi was traversing through the general area of midtown Manhattan. According to city police, a random stranger physically pummeled Buscemi in the face, leaving his left eye with a swelling bruise while it bled ivory; despite the unfortunate occurrence, the actor and performer was otherwise fine and taken to a nearby medical facility for his recovery. In a perplexing and bursty sequence of events, the authorities who were presented with this case identified the alleged perpetrator on Tuesday, making it public they were pursuing him- ultimately achieving the arrest of the suspect and laying charges on him on Friday afternoon. An attorney for the now-custodial homeless man was not immediately available for comment. As for Buscemi, his publicist did not respond promptly for comment either; however, previously, it was stated that he fell victim to “a random act of violence in the city” while affirming he was okay. There exists somewhat of a theme of violent public attacks taking place in New York, as it was discovered that Buscemi’s co-star, Michael Stuhlbarg, was also subject to a violent attack in March, causing injury to his neck. As for the attacker, Stuhlbarg chased him down, and the police apprehended him outside Central Park


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