NYPD Disperses Pro-Palestine Protest at New York University After Assistance Sought

An encampment erected by students at New York University (NYU) was disbanded, and detentions were purportedly carried out after pro-Palestinian protesters rebuffed the institution’s entreaties to vacate the area. As outlined in an April 22 post on social media platform X, Kaz Daughtry, the deputy commissioner of the New York Police Department’s Security Operations Center, voiced that NYU execs penned him a missive concerning an ongoing demonstration in Gould Plaza. He noted that the parties had been accused of posing a threat to the safety and security of the populace. Subsequently, our officers arrived promptly and scatter the assembly, detaining several individuals as were deemed fit. In the letter shared by Mr. Daughtry, an anonymous correspondent informed him that the university attempted to negotiate with the demonstrators, however, the scenario escalated as more individuals flocked to their ranks and the protesters disregarded multiple requests to exit the vicinity. The letter read, “Following negotiations this morning, additional protestors breached our barriers in violation of our clear instructions, and we witnessed disorderly, disruptive, and antagonizing behavior that has interfered with the safety and security of our community,” continuing on to a capacious statement, “At this point, we consider all protesters occupying Gould Plaza to be trespassers, and we would like the NYPD to clear the area and take action to remove the protestors. In the event they refuse to leave, we request the NYPD take enforcement action accordingly, up to and including arrest.” It is currently unknown how many detentions were carried out or if any charges were filed. Based on Mr. Daughtry’s account, the NYPD is well-prepared to address illicit activities and provide aid where necessary. Mr. Daughtry – the mouthpiece of police activity – stated, “There is a pattern of behavior occurring on campuses across our nation, in which individuals attempt to occupy a space in defiance of school policy.” At Yale, nearly 50 learners were issued citations after they refused to produce identification in response to repeated requests from the police. Pro-Palestinian students seek their schools’ condemnation of Israel’s attack on Gaza and urge them to cease business dealings with firms selling weapons to Israel. Conversely, Jewish learners feel that the censure of Israel has delved into anti-Semitic actions, rendering them vulnerable


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