Meri Brown Reveals Dramatic New Look, Prepares for Life-Altering Transformation

Meri Brown, star of Sister Wives, shocked everyone this week, unveiling a completely new look and a fresh perspective on life on Instagram. Meri chopped off her hair and dyed it red, swapping out her long locks for a stylish new hairdo that now grazes her shoulders.

The reality personality revealed her new look through a cryptic social media post, quoting fashion mogul Coco Chanel in her caption: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” She also added “Worthy up” as a hashtag, hinting that her newfound look is about embracing her self-worth.

This change in hairstyle is just one step in Meri’s journey of self-discovery that she’s been sharing with fans over the past few weeks. She’s been speaking out, sharing that she no longer will be silent about her struggles. In an emotional one-on-one with Sister Wives viewers, she declared, “Oh, my voice will be heard. I will no longer be silent.”

Opening up about her sour relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kody Brown, the reality star explained, “He would ask me to do things and ask me to be a certain way… it’s not good enough. He should have told me, because I’m still sitting here holding onto the idea that maybe you might get your head out of your butt.”

Meri also reflected back on her life since her split from Kody just a few months ago, acknowledging that she’s on a “mission” to find herself and start fresh. She’s exploring new people and places to create an “updated version” of herself.

Meri is now leaving her days on Sister Wives behind and eagerly looking forward to the future. Just in November, she was encouraging her followers not to delay their dreams until the New Year and to recognize they are worthy of dreams and accomplishing them. See The Hollywood Gossip for the original story.


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