Newcastle’s Eddie Howe regards Bruno Guimaraes as the linchpin of his team

Newcastle Manager, Eddie Howe has commended Bruno Guimaraes for his recent top form and highlighted the critical role the Brazil international plays in the team’s success. The 26-year-old midfielder has recovered from a persistent ankle injury that hampered his performance in recent months and has played a pivotal role in Newcastle’s recent victories over Chelsea and Manchester United, as well as a strong showing against Paris St Germain in the Champions League.

Howe emphasized the importance of top players performing at their best, especially in the current challenging situation that Newcastle finds themselves in. He praised Guimaraes’ recent performances against Manchester United and Chelsea, as well as his impressive display in the first half against PSG. The manager highlighted Guimaraes’ creativity, ball-handling, and ability to connect with the players ahead of him, as well as his physicality and pressing off the ball.

Describing Guimaraes as an important figure in the team’s overall performance, Howe acknowledged the midfielder’s hard work and physical contributions. He stressed the crucial role Guimaraes plays in Newcastle’s game and underlined the need for him to be at his best for the team to succeed.

Guimaraes’ return to top form comes at a critical time for Newcastle, as the team navigates through an ongoing selection crisis. His ability to maintain high levels of performance despite physical exertions has been a crucial asset, according to Howe.

The midfielder’s recent resurgence has been well-received by fans and has provided a much-needed boost to the team’s morale. With Guimaraes at the fulcrum of Newcastle’s midfield, the team looks to build on their recent successes and continue their upward trajectory in the Premier League and Champions League.

As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Bruno Guimaraes as he seeks to maintain his impressive form and propel Newcastle to further victories in what promises to be an exciting conclusion to the campaign. With Howe’s endorsement and the support of the entire team, Guimaraes looks set to play a pivotal role in Newcastle’s pursuit of success both domestically and in European competition.


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