Over 300,000 Air Fryers Recalled Due to Safety Concerns

A massive recall of over 300,000 air fryers has been initiated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to a potential burn hazard for customers. The recall affects two Empower Brands dual basket air fryer models that were sold at major retailers including Walmart, Target, and Kohls. The recall was issued after officials discovered that a plastic connector used to combine the two food baskets inside the air fryers can break, posing a burn risk to consumers.

The models being recalled are the PowerXL DUAF-10 and DUAF-005 Vortex Dual-Basket air fryers, which were sold in black or cinnamon colors at various stores nationwide from August 2021 through October 2023. The prices for these air fryers ranged from $60 to $190, depending on the model. The CPSC has urged customers who have purchased these air fryers to stop using them immediately and to contact Empower Brands for a free repair kit.

The recall comes after numerous reports of the plastic connector breaking, leading to several cases of burns and other injuries. The CPSC has emphasized the severity of the issue and the potential risks it poses to consumers. They have advised customers to refrain from using the affected air fryers and to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

Empower Brands has acknowledged the issue and is cooperating with the CPSC to address the problem. The company has expressed its commitment to ensuring the safety of its customers and has urged anyone in possession of the affected models to contact them for a free repair kit. Additionally, Empower Brands has stated that they are working to improve the design of their air fryers to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Customers who have purchased the affected air fryers are being urged to act promptly in response to the recall. The CPSC has emphasized the importance of heeding the recall and taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of consumers. With the potential risk of burns and injuries, it is crucial for customers to take the recall seriously and to comply with the instructions provided by Empower Brands and the CPSC.

As the recall progresses, Empower Brands and the CPSC will continue to provide updates and information to the public. Customers are encouraged to stay informed and to take the necessary actions to address the issue. The safety of consumers is of utmost importance, and both the company and the federal agency are working to ensure that the potential hazards posed by the affected air fryers are mitigated.


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