Peet’s Coffee Offers 20% Off Gift Subscriptions in Holiday Sale

Peet’s Coffee is offering a 20% discount on coffee gift subscriptions just in time for the holidays. This is a perfect opportunity for coffee lovers to share their passion with loved ones and enjoy their favorite blends for a discounted price. The company’s gift subscriptions provide a convenient and clutter-free gifting experience, as recipients can enjoy a monthly delivery of gourmet coffee at a discounted rate.

The promotion is available now through Christmas Day, allowing shoppers to take advantage of the discount and surprise their loved ones with a gift that will keep on giving. By using the promo code GIFTSUB at checkout, customers can enjoy the 20% discount on Peet’s Coffee gift subscriptions, making it a great way to spread holiday cheer and joy.

With durations of three, six, or twelve months, Peet’s offers flexibility for gift-givers to choose the subscription that best suits their budget and gifting preferences. Prices start at $52.68 with the discount applied, allowing customers to select the option that works best for them and their recipients. As a prepaid subscription, there is no need to worry about cancellations, as the recipient will receive one pound of coffee monthly for the duration of the chosen subscription.

Furthermore, customers have control over when their loved ones will be notified about the gift, ensuring that the surprise remains intact until the chosen date. The gift recipient will have the opportunity to select from Peet’s range of blends, ensuring that they receive their preferred coffee varieties during the subscription period.

For those interested in enhancing their coffee experience, Peet’s also offers the option to add a new brewer to the gift subscription, adding a special touch to the gift package. Additionally, customers can check out CNET’s roundup of holiday coffee maker deals to further enhance their coffee brewing experience and make the most of the gift-giving season.

As the holiday season approaches, Peet’s Coffee gift subscriptions offer a thoughtful and convenient gifting option for coffee enthusiasts and anyone looking to share their love for gourmet coffee with their loved ones. The 20% discount allows customers to take advantage of this exclusive offer and spread joy and warmth through the gift of premium coffee blends. With the option to choose the subscription duration and customize the gifting experience, Peet’s gift subscriptions are the perfect way to make the holidays even more special for coffee lovers.


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